Registration of Corporate Services Providers with MFSA

Posted on : 19 Mar 2021

As of 16th March 2021, entities and individuals providing corporate services such as incorporations, registered office services as well as directorships, and company secretarial services will need to be registered as ‘Company Service Providers’ with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).  

Applications for authorisation in terms of the Corporate Service Providers (CSP) Act may be submitted by applicants to the relevant Authority through the LH Portal from 16th March 2021 until the 16th May 2021. 

This applies to those entities and individuals that do not currently hold an authorisation by the MFSA to provide these services. 

There will be no need for those CSPs who are already in possession of a CSP registration to apply. In this case, their registration will be automatically converted to an authorisation under the CSP Act. The Authority however will still contact such CSPs about their class categorisation.

The MFSA website guides completing the application form which may be accessed here This should be checked regularly for any updates. The Authority will soon also organise webinars to aid applicants in their application process.